One of the most often requested questions about plated jewellery is how long the plating will last. The reply to this query depends upon the jewellery, the form of plating, and how it’s worn.

In a nutshell, “plating” is shorthand for electroplating. This performance that gold, rose gold, or rhodium plated jewellery is blanketed through way of the ability of a microscopically skinny layer of steel the use of a one of a kind method that combines chemistry and electricity. By dipping the jewellery in a chemical reply that consists of gold, rose gold, or rhodium and making use of electricity, a skinny layer of the metallic grows on the jewelry piece.

This way, it’s viable to produce many different types of finishes on an underlying metal piece. Even some actual gold jewelry is additionally gold plated because the plating method produces a vivid and handy give up on the underlying gold.

What Determines How Long Plating Will Last?

It’s challenging to provide an effortless fluctuate when a client asks “How long does rose gold plating last?” or “How prolonged does rhodium plating last?” The motive is that three distinct factors decide how prolonged any given plating will keep up.

First, the thickness of the plating. Thicker plating layers closing longer. We use awesome 0.5-micron plating that lasts a prolonged time relying on how the rings is maintained. On shopper demand, we can furnish up to 3-micron thick plating at an greater cost.

Second, the extent of contact the rings has with the world. Plating on a ring will oftentimes put on off plenty quicker than plating on a pendant due to the fact a ring continuously rubs towards fingers and objects at some point of the day.

Third, the underlying metal. Gold, rose gold, or rhodium plating adheres higher to some metals (like silver or gold) and now no longer as suitable to others.

Silver pendant with 3 distinct sorts of plating – silver, gold and rose gold

How to Take Care of Gold Plated Jewelry

Since mechanical put on is the quintessential element predominant to plating deterioration, taking care of gold plated jewelry is simple. Keep it included from mechanical put on and in a slight container, the vicinity there’s nothing to rub against it and injury the plated coating.

In the fit the plating does wear, re-plating is fast and much less highly-priced — many jewellers offer it as a service. It’s now now not specific even for people with sturdy gold or silver jewelry to ask for plating. Rhodium plating on silver, for example, is a very acceptable way to add “sparkle” and end tarnish of modern-day silver pieces, and carriers of steady gold earrings often ask for plating to change the shade of the piece or enhance the finish.

If you take perfect care of gold, rose gold, or rhodium plated jewellery, it can closing a prolonged time. But there’s no choose to worry. If some thing does happen, re-plating is possibly furnished through your neighborhood jeweller.

Looking for a gold plated rose?

Jewellers tried to plate real flora with gold or silver centuries ago. But now with help of contemporary technology, it can be performed especially easily, see: real rose, preserved and plated in pure 24K Gold

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